Produce Mate

Produce Mate


The world's first antimicrobial kitchen mat. 
Tough on food waste, easy on your wallet. 

Simply place one in the fridge or on the counter top, load produce on top, and we'll handle the rest! Every year, Produce Mate saves the average family $300 and keeps 30+lbs of food out of the landfill. 


Features, and then some


Thin and flexible with cut-to-fit lines to adapt to any drawer, bowl, nook or cranny.


Our proprietary blend of antibacterial minerals stops bacteria in its tracks, saving your family $300 a year

Savings, simplified

Produce Mate pays for itself 10x in the first year alone and requires 0 maintenance besides regular cleaning

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Food waste stinks

When food goes wasted, the planet suffers.
40% of all the food in the USA is never eaten. 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food waste. Produce Mate makes it easy to cut back on waste, helping reduce your carbon footprint and saving you $300/year.

Our Commitment

We give 1% of gross profits to leading environmental non-profits and are working to form partnerships with other like-minded food waste companies

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Collective Impact

Over the next 5 years, we can keep 5 million lbs of food out of landfills. Produce Mate makes it easy to do your part in the fight against climate change.

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143% Funded on Kickstarter

Hundreds of passionate backers came together on Kickstarter to help bring Produce Mate to life. Watch the original video here:

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